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29/04/19 - uloversdoll - New York
With the development of the sex doll industry, ultra realistic sex dolls are quickly accepted by society. Sex products that were once considered taboo are now considered a good purchase, high quality products or a couple of dolls. Today, the real size sex dolls looks more like a real woman, whether it's makeup, skin touch, or sex experience. If you have a good budget, you can buy high end silicone dolls, or intelligent sex dolls, or a high-quality wm brand tpe dolls. These expensive sex dolls have a more realistic look, every detail of the skin and vagina. When the light is off or the eyes are closed, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between this and the real woman. In fact, the sex dolls sold by uloversdoll are already mobile, swinging their heads and eyes like real people, and built with real life materials, often using high-end metal skeletons. For a custom high end sex doll, you might see more money. Of course, there is an advantage here. You will be fully in control and able to get what you want. With a realistic vagina, mouth and anal cavity, you may prefer this adult sexy doll. Of course, you can also get a more affordable sex doll, these cheap sex dolls can still feel very realistic. There are also a variety of different colors and styles. No matter what style of real size doll you need, we will provide you with the highest quality love dolls, realistic makeup and skin guarantee to give you the most authentic sexual experience.
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